Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) watch online


Directed by: Russ Meyer
Actors: Dolly Read, Cynthia Myers, Marcia McBroom and Erica Gavin
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Hollywood Vixens, Blumen ohne Duft, La vallée des plaisirs, Lungo la valle delle bambole

Description: Three sweet singers tired of puritanical mood of the public provincial America, go to the winds – in Hollywood, in the other words, “Valley of the Dolls.”

Review: Three Sweet canaries, a better option than the present half-finished product (degradation there), tired of the mood of the public provincial puritanical America, go to the winds – in Hollywood, anyway, “Valley of the Dolls.” This is a retelling of the first three minutes or so. And then begins a complete mishmash of dialogue, supporting characters, changing so fast that it does not have time to get to the core of a problem, as there is a following. And so to the end – without a break!

But is not the point, and at the same time, this is the main point – not only ridicule the essence of life of young people at the time, and this is the 70’s, but also a parody of the endless Hollywood melodramki that necessarily end happy ending where most worthy of the heroes honored with a wedding (the end of all stories), and those to behave not very good – alas! will be in the grave. Actors of class, if any, only to emphasize the mood diligently jagged dialogue with a straight faces. Their game – the height of hypocrisy cinema. This is a masterpiece!

Meyer, he knew about it or not, looked like in the water. In the sticky hands of hungry producers “outside” could turn into a series of episodes as three hundred, and if the score is high, it is more. That, basically, was done. Every American TV series 80 and 90 (in our country is now the most flourishing) is to some extent print “Pupae”. Psychedelic atmosphere of the same “Dolls” permeated all parts of Austin Powers.

This suggests that the slag in the form of Barbie daubed with breast size is not less than four and metrosexuality Qena, indistinguishable from Barbie ineradicable. And the main thing in this situation to keep a healthy sense of humor. When I stopped to delve into all sorts of twists and turns and the characters just relaxed their game and all event gave me a lot of pleasure, including aesthetic (Meyer simply adores his actresses), recalling the hackneyed clichés that are used in the movie so far with a solemn and serious mine face.

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