Mausoleum (1983) watch online cult horror


Directed by: Michael Dugan
Actors: Marjoe Gortner, Bobbie Bresee, Norman Burton
Language: English
Country: USA

Also known as: Mausoléu

Description: Mausoleum is an extended meditation on the War on Terror and the dangers of embroiling oneself in the politics of the Arab world.  A little girl enters the Mausoleum and is possessed by a demon as a result of an unfortunate family curse intended to ensure that the Nomed women guard and preserve their erotic gifts solely for the satisfaction of rich white men.  The demon lies dormant for many years.  But one day the girl, now a married woman, begins to have sexual longings for her Arab gardener.  The Nomed family women have a great sexual attraction to hairy Arab men, but the Nomed family demon cannot allow the Nomed women to be seen fraternizing with the help.  In the Nomed family this sexual attraction is taboo given that the Nomed family is white, wealthy and philosophically opposed to tyrannical Asiatic regimes and poor people.  Nevertheless his Levantine lovecicle awoke the demon.  This unhealthy internal confusion causes the possessed Bobby Breese to kill white people.  But that doesn’t satisfy her sexual longings, so she starts having sex with Arab men, her breasts turn into demon heads, and more people die.

Evidently the Arab gardener who unlocked Pandora’s box is actually the devil.   When he is not gardening, he is out tempting bored rich housewives subject to demonic family curses into illicit affairs with the staff, which makes the family demon mad and causes it to come back and kill off all of the rich white people who should have prevented the affair.  And maybe take out a delivery man as collateral damage (who the demon woman invited into her house because he looked Arab when he was outside, but when he got inside she realized he was Hispanic which, while not white, is not Arab, so she killed him too).  So Mausoleum is kind of like Candyman, only different.  Either way it’s good stuff.

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