Scandal in Black (1990) watch online


Directed by: Antonio Bonifacio
Actors: Mirella Banti, Andy J. Forest and Mary Lindstrom
Language: English
Country: Italy

Also known as: Appuntamento In Nero, Naked Rage, Scandal in Black, Appointment In Black, Blind Date

Description: John is a British diplomat; he’s married to Angela, a beautiful former model with a taste for hot lovemaking. But John doesn’t want to be with Angela anymore and with his mistress Eva he comes up with a plan to kill his wife. Something goes awfully wrong: no longer the schemer and would-be killer, John finds himself on a deadly list. Who’s the mastermind behind this setup? Gianni is running out of time and all odds are against him. Torn between Angela and Eva, he has to make a quick decision in order to stay alive!

This film is delightfully awful. Although made in the 90s, it feels thoroughly like an 80s film, specifically a cheap erotic thriller made in Italy in the 80s. If that description sounds good to you then you know that to expect. If bad acting, ridiculous plot twists, and horrible dubbing don’t sound fun to you then we might expect very different things out of our film viewing experiences.

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