Torture Me, Kiss Me (1970) watch online trash movie


Year: 1970
Directed by: David R. Friedberg
Actors: Linda Boyce, Elaine Seagal and Frank MacIntosh
Language: English
Country: USA

Description: No doubt inspired by David F. Friedman’s Love Camp 7 – but still four years away from Ilsa She Wolf of the SS – Torture Me Kiss Me is another nazploitation nugget of filth. Boasting a production budget big enough to rent period cars and costumes, Torture Me Kiss Me is a sexed-up history lesson in which every woman in France is a sexploitation actress.

After a quaint little office orgy, Nazi Colonel Max von Hildebrandt and his slutty little secretary Ilsa (CHRISTINE CYBELLE of The Love Captive and Fly Now Pay Later) arrive in France to ferret out the leader of the resistance movement. They’re in the country for, oh, maybe five minutes or so when Max decides to ravage a lovely deaf mute (WENDY WOODS) in a country field. Just to show he means business, Max then orders her executed, along with a local priest who comes to his office to protest. Yes, Max is one nasty Nazi, even if he does speak with a Brooklyn accent.

Meanwhile, somewhere else in France, a young blonde saunters out of her cottage, strips off her clothes, and bathes naked for our viewing pleasure. Oh, what a lovely war!

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